Vertis is an environmental commodities trader, specialising in emissions and energy efficiency.

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Buy in July and fly away
20 July 2016
In the title we modified a little bit the proverb from the stock markets (“Sell in May and go away”) to adapt it to...
1H 2016 summary: A shocking end to an ugly start
05 July 2016
Market: The EUA Dec16 lost almost 50% in the first half of the year. The first transaction of the year cleared at 8.33...
Carbon market events in the second half of the year
28 June 2016
In the table below we listed the upcoming carbon market events as we know them at the moment. Most of the events are related...

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EUA Dec16: Positive technical indicators proved false
25 July 2016
Despite the positive signals from the technical analysis the week before, the EUA Dec16 lost 7.30% last week. After a strong...
EUA Dec16: Price could retest the Brexit gap this week
18 July 2016
Despite a strong opening (4 cents above the settlement price of last Friday) the EUA Dec16 lost steam and fell to an intraday...
EUA Dec16 under pressure from outcome of UK referendum result
27 June 2016
Expectations for and result of the UK referendum defined the direction of the EUA price last week. As the odds for a Brexit...

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